Lobster Salad and Oscietra Caviar celery jelly, couscous, winter leaves and champagne dressing

For 1 pax

15gr couscous
30gr lobster medaillons
15gr oscietra caviar
5gr cucumber
5gr red radish
5gr celery root
15gr celery jelly
3gr green mustard leave
3gr red mustard leave
3gr ice plant
3gr mixed salad
3gr shungiku salad
3gr baby endive

champagne dressing

50gr shallots
300gr champagne (or prosecco)
150gr extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

celery jelly

100gr celery root juice
9 gr gelatine


- cut in small dices: celery root, cucumber, red radish, shallots
- champagne dressing: in a bowl, reduce the shallots in champagne until reduction to 1/3, then strain the juice and mix with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper
- celery root jelly: put the diced celery root into a juicer and mix, strain the juice and cook under medium heat until reduction, add the gelatine, chill and store in the fridge until formation of jelly, cut in small dices

- prepare the couscous and transfer onto a plate, put the (half) boiled lobster medaillons on top
- mix all salads, cucumber and red radish, put on top of the lobster and sprinkle the celery root jelly around
- champagne dressing and garnish with oscietra caviar