Homemade Cavatelli shellfish ragout and sea urchin

For 1 pax

70gr cavatelli

5gr sea Urchin
15gr scampi (no shell)
15gr octopus
20gr snapper
15gr lobster (no shell)
30gr diced cherry tomato
5gr chopped garlic
50gr lobster stock
50gr seafood soup
3gr basil
white pepper
dry chilli



- Seafood: cut the scampi, octopus, snapper and Lobster into small dices, marinate with extra virgin olive oil, salt and white pepper
- pan-fry the garlic and dry chilli until golden color, put on side
- cook the diced cherry tomatoes in medium heat, add lobster stock and seafood soup
- separately, pan-fry the seafood and mix with garlic chilli, basil
- add seafood-tomato sauce
- cook the cavatelli in saltwater for 3 minutes
- mix with the sauce and cook for another 3 min
- transfer onto a plate, garnish with sea urchin on top